White Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie (15)
Chef John Howie’s famous recipe

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee (11)
Crackling sugar crust, raspberries

Bourbon Cherry Bread Pudding (15)
Bourbon soaked tart cherries, caramelized pear, cracked hazelnuts, warm spices, whipped cream glaze, Makers Mark ice cream

New York Style Cheesecake (13)
Graham cracker crust, whipped creme fraiche, huckleberry reduction

Olympic Mountain Sorbet or Ice Cream (8)

Flourless Semisweet Chocolate Volcano Cake (14)
Warm caramel, dark chocolate ganache, vanilla creme, shaved white chocolate


Desserts for two

Bananas Foster (26)
The classic recipe from Brennan’s in New Orleans, banana, brown sugar, butter, banana liqueur, Cruzan “151” rum, and cinnamon served on vanilla ice cream



100% Arabica, bold roast, pleasantly robust finish, warm notes of cocoa and dried fruit

French Press Coffee (5 / 10)

Espresso / Double (4 / 6)

Latte / Cappuccino / Mocha (6)


This is more than just coffee. This is two years of the new American oak. This is two years of finely aged winter wheat and corn from Washington State. This is four weeks of triple-picked Sulawesi coffee beans from Toraja, Indonesia. This is a small-batch, hand-crafted, medium-dark, full-flavored experience. Aged in Wildwood Spirits Co.’s Barrel #6 and roasted at Novus Coffee Imports in Seattle, WA.

French Press Coffee (7 / 14)

The Dark Door Bourbon Aged Coffee 12oz Bag (18.75)


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* Some of John Howie Steak’s menu items are served raw or undercooked to preserve flavor and moisture. Raw or undercooked seafood and meats, having never been frozen, may be hazardous to your health. Please notify your server if you would like them prepared differently.