A 20 percent service charge is included on each check. John Howie Steak retains 100 percent of the service charge. Our professional service team receives industry-leading compensation. Additional gratuities are appreciated, but not expected, and go entirely to the service team.

* Some of John Howie Steak’s menu items are served raw or undercooked to preserve flavor and moisture. Raw or undercooked seafood and meats, having never been frozen, may be hazardous to your health. Please notify your server if you would like them prepared differently.


House Baked Bread (6)
Whipped European butter, sea salt
Serves 2-4 people

Deviled Eggs (17)
Truffled bacon, roasted onion and chive

Tempura Fried Kurobuta Bacon (21)
Maple sambal dipping sauce

Spicy Habanero Butter Shrimp  (21)
Garlic, butter, white wine

Dungeness Crab Cakes  (33}
Green curry caramel vinaigrette, shaved green cabbage and cucumber slaw, micro basil, garlic chips

Roasted Bone Marrow  (24)
Carrot puree, duck fat roasted Cipollini onions, chimichurri, crispy capers, herbed breadcrumbs, grilled baguette

* Seven Flavor Prime Tenderloin Bites  (20)
Lemongrass, ginger, garlic, 5 spice, sesame and orange, bean sprouts, scallions, Thai basil, Marcona almonds, lime

Seared Foie Gras (31}
French toast, foie gras butter, Courvoisier maple syrup infused apricots


* Hamachi Crudo (25)
Castelvetrano olives, red jalapeno, kumquat, radish, ginger – citrus marinade, olive oil, red vein sorrel, black Hawaiian salt, togarashi

* Ahi Tartare (25)
Sashimi grade Hawaiian ahi tuna, Anjou pear, habanero sauce, sesame oil, quail egg, pine nuts, Ancho chili powder, mint, toast points

*Fresh Shucked Oysters  (28)
1/2 dozen oysters on the half shell, classic cocktail sauce, Champagne mignonette, lemon


Lobster Bisque
Atlantic lobster, caviar cream, chives

French Onion Soup (16)
Ciabatta crouton, Gruyere and Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses

Artisan Baby Iceberg Lettuce Salad (17)
Whole head baby iceberg lettuce, crispy Kurobuta bacon, black olives, heirloom grape tomatoes, cracked hazelnuts, blue cheese dressing, crispy onions, Rogue River blue cheese

Tableside Caesar (18 Each)
Little gem romaine, garlic croutons, Parmigiano Reggiano, egg yolk, lemon, anchovy, olive oil, Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire (Minimum Tableside for Two)

Serano Ham and Roasted Beet Salad (18)
Roasted golden and bull’s blood beets, watercress, sweet onion, chevre vinaigrette, salt brined pistachio, Humboldt Fog chevre, Madeira honey


* Steakhouse Salad (43)
Prime sirloin steak, Rogue River blue cheese, white balsamic vinaigrette, wild greens, marinated mushrooms, grape tomatoes, crispy onions

* Sea Bass (67)
Parsnip puree, caramelized onion, bacon, arugula, lemon chive oil, red vein sorrel  

Roasted Jidori Chicken (43)
Herb ricotta stuffing, wild mushroom, Courvoisier cream, lemon thyme, ricotta, lemon zest, Yukon gold potato puree, chives

King Salmon*(59)
Oven roasted, braised fennel, fingerling potatoes, carrot puree, Castelvetrano olive, pistachio, orange vinaigrette   

Sesame Cauliflower Steak (33)
Cauliflower rice stir fry, garlic, ginger snow peas, celery, scallions, bell peppers, broccoli, sesame oil, tamari

* Atlantic Lobster Tails (112)
Two 9oz tails, cream cherry butter, lemon, butter sauce


Butter Braised Mushrooms (18)
Wild and cultivated selections

Creamed Spinach  (15)
House cured bacon, sunny side up free range egg

Fried Brussels Sprouts (16)
Lemon caper vinaigratte, Reggiano, garlic chips

Asparagus Spears (16)
Brown butter, Meyer lemon hollandaise

Char Roasted Broccoli (15)
Preserved lemon, caper and red chilies


Five Cheese Twice Baked Stuffed Potato (14)
Bacon, scallions, sour cream

Lobster Mashed Potatoes (32)
Atlantic lobster, lobster cream, chives

Beecher’s Mac and Cheese (18)
Beecher’s Flagship cheddar macaroni and cheese

Wagyu Beef Fat Truffle Fries (17)
Parmigiano Reggiano, chives, black truffle aioli

Yukon Gold Potato Puree (11 / 15)
Buttercream, sea salt, chives



Cognac and Green Peppercorn (9)
Roquefort Fromage (7)
Bearnaise (9)
Red Wine and Shallot Bordelaise (9)
JHS Steak Sauce (8)
Argentinean Chimichurri (8)



Steak Grilling Temperatures
Rare –
Bright Red, Cool Center
Medium Rare –
Red Throughout, Warm Center
Medium –
Red Center
Medium-Well –
Pink Throughout
Well –
Light Pink Center
Very-Well –
No Pink

Omaha, Nebraska, Grilled over Mesquite Coals
28 Day Custom-Aged USDA Prime Beef
* Filet Mignon

6 oz (61)
8 oz (75)

* Rib Eye Steak (89)
16 oz

* Top Sirloin (58)
14 oz

* Delmonico, Bone-In New York Strip (98)
21 oz

* Porterhouse (132)
34 oz


* American Wagyu Beef “Long Bone” Rib Eye
Mesquite-grilled, roasted vegetables, roasted bone marrow, bordelaise
40 oz (240)

* USDA Prime Chateaubriand (185)
24 oz mesquite-grilled, roasted vegetables, classic Courvoisier maitre d’sauce


French Onion Style (11)

Oscar Style (21)

Peppercorn Style (11)
Black pepper crusted, cognac & green peppercorn sauce

Atlantic Lobster Tail (59)
9oz, cream sherry butter

Black Truffle Butter (6)

Pan Seared Foie Gras (26)