A 20% Service Charge Is Included on each check. John Howie Steak Retains 100% Of The Service Charge. Our Professional Service Team Receives Industry Leading Compensation Which Includes Wages, Commissions, and Benefits


Our restaurant includes a 20 percent service charge on each guest check. Under this model, the restaurant collects the service charge and retains these monies as part of our general funds. This allows us to compensate employees at a higher level than in previous years and be a leader in the provision of wages and benefits. More specifically, our hosts, servers, serving assistants, expeditors, food runners, sommeliers, and bartenders are paid varying commissions on sales, in addition to hourly wages. Taking care of our employees is important to us and we believe this structure generously compensates our staff and creates a strong team.

What is a service charge?

A service charge is a set percentage added to every guest check. Tipping is eliminated (additional gratuity is optional), and the service charge goes to the restaurant for equitable distribution. The objective is to create a fair, predictable compensation model for employees.


Why is sales tax calculated on top of the service charge?

Under Washington state law, employers are required to pay retail sales tax on service charges.


What if I still want to leave a tip?

Additional gratuities are accepted, but not expected, and will go directly to your server.